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Corsaire Bull Terriers and Leonbergers

AKC Breeder of Merit

Healthy, sane, well-socialized companions and competitive dogs, raised with Puppy Culture (TM), to build confidence.

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Welcome  to Corsaire Dogs

Purpose-Bred Dogs From An AKC Breeder of Merit

The first movie my mother took me to see was The Incredible Journey, and the minute
Bodger, the Bull Terrier, rolled into view, I was entranced.
Growing up, Bullies weren't an option, so I showed and bred my English Cocker Spaniel, Ancram's Kate, CD.
My love affair with Bull Terriers began with a rescue named "Carlos" in 1985, followed in short order by Sally, Lily, and Jimmy, and continues to this day.
I saw my first Leonberger in the early 2000s, but it was a call for help in the middle of the night in 2013 that sealed the deal, as I whelped a litter that produced the grandmother of my first Leonberger.
Corsaire believes in health testing, taking back any dog we breed that needs help, and a lifetime commitment to our puppies and their families.
We also believe in showing our dogs to validate our adherence to their breed standards and purpose.

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Bull Terriers or Leonbergers.
We'll be happy to send you a questionnaire and a sample contract.

Eastham, Massachusetts

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